ILADI, the book of dialogue
Aperçu de la couverture de la méthode Français-Anglais Aperçu de la couverture de la méthode Français-Allemand Aperçu de la couverture de la méthode Français-Espagnol Aperçu de la couverture de la méthode Français-Grec
English-French French-German French-Spanish French-Greek

Why ILADI ? ILADI for who ?

In dialogue verbs are everywhere, every two or three words.

They express our actions, our gestures or our desires, and are the basis for every sentence, the flesh and bone, the core, in short the very essence of the sentence. Wherever we are, whoever we are,
to be comfortable with conversation, it is essential to know how to use verbs correctly.

Ils m'ont dit qu'ils ont déjà mangé !
They told me they'd already eaten !
Aperçu de la couverture de la méthode Français-Anglais

Thanks to ILADI you will easily be able to find the verbs you need, in the tense in which you wish to converse.. Pupils, students, without excluding you from your studies, this book is an effective way to help you on the way to construct a sentence or arrange the elements of a conversation.
Thanks to the many examples, those of you teaching yourselves will master more quickly the different ways of using each verb. And thanks to the verbs, you will be able to express yourselves in diverse situations wherever you are. Providing that you read and repeat the sentences in the book, the line by line correspondence will develop your hearing skill. You will hear yourself saying the same phrases in two languages and you will assimilate them faster and more easily.

You like french language, is that right ? You're searching for a way to learn french dialogue, is that right ?
You are desperate to find the right and effective way to learn, is that right too ?

Soon, ILADI will be your friend.

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